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Hormone Master is a wildcrafted and organic herbal supplement designed for daily use until lifestyle changes can help to correct hormonal imbalances. In today’s world, we are bombarded with endocrine disruptors in the food, water, cosmetics, household cleaners and toiletries. These “xenoestrogens” bind to our normal hormone receptors and cause hormonal imbalances like estrogen dominances, in not just women but men as well.


  • Elevates Mood
  • Treats Hormonal Acne
  • Stops Cramps
  • Increases Libido


  • What is Hormone Master?

    A wildcrafted and organic proprietary blend using white curcuma, astragalus, cypress rotundus, maca and ashwagandha. These herbs have been selected for their ability to block the “bad” estrogen arising from many environmental endocrine disruptors as well as regulate hormones naturally by resetting the cycle.

    Who Should take Hormone Master?

    Designed for both men and women, Hormone Master can be used by anyone suffering from polycystic ovarian disease, estrogen dominances, painful or irregular menses, mood swings, perimenopause, acne, ovarian cysts/fibroids, or migraines. We do not recommend this for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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