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Paramedical Skin Revision

Advanced paramedical skin care that works on a cellular level. 

We are a skin and wellness clinic that drives on the idea of self preservation and awareness. With our Advanced diagnostic testing RENU is able to evaluate a patients internal health and identify any underlining issues and treat the root cause. Owner Shawna Porter has been committed to providing the finest quality of treatments and products. We work with some of the most powerful treatments and products in the industry. With our Digestive Tune up and advanced paramedical treatments your body is able to repair itself while pushing out toxins and increasing blood oxygen flow. Our products and protocols have been formulated and designed to work with your body on a cellular level that works with your bodies chemistry and lymphatic system. We treats all types of skin as well as severe skin disorders, we customize all of our treatments to each patients individual needs/skin type. We specialize in treating severe skin conditions such as: Rosacea, Cystic Acne, Perioral Dermatitis, Hyper Pigmentation. Glycation and Scar Revision as well as basic skin maintenance.

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Phone: 425-315-5765



24903 S Sunset Meadow Loop

Kennewick, Wa. 99338


By Appointment Only

Wellness Open - Mondays

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